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Gluten Free

Gluten Free

What is gluten anyway?

Gluten is a mixture of protein fragments that is found in many grains such as wheat, rye, barley and sometimes oats (oats alone do not contain gluten but are sometimes contaminated with small amounts).


Am I gluten intolerant?

Research shows that gluten sensitivity in some form, including celiac disease and mild gluten intolerance, affects approximately 15% of the U.S. population. So what are the specific symptoms of gluten intolerance and celiac disease?

  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Nutritional deficiencies due to malabsorption (e.g. low iron levels)
  • Gastro-intestinal problems (e.g. bloating, pain, gas, constipation, diarrhea)
  • Fat in the stools (due to poor digestion)
  • Aching joints
  • Depression
  • Eczema
  • Headaches
  • Exhaustion
  • Irritability and behavioral changes
  • Infertility, irregular menstrual cycle and miscarriage
  • Cramps, tingling and numbness
  • Slow infant and child growth
  • Decline in dental health


What can I eat?

There are many easy to find grains on the market today that do not contain gluten. Options include:

  • Wild or brown rice
  • Quinoa
  • Millet
  • Oats
  • Popcorn
  • Corn


Whole grains that are NOT Gluten-free

  • Wheat Berries
  • Farro
  • Easy Farro


Nature's Earthly Choice Gluten-Free Products

(Please note all products are produced in facilities that are not dedicated gluten-free but are awaiting FDA regulation)

  • Acai Powder
  • Antioxidant Powder
  • Black Rice
  • Chia seed
  • Easy Quinoa Blend with Broccoli
  • Easy Quinoa Garden Vegetable
  • Easy Quinoa Garlic & Herb
  • Easy Quinoa Mushroom & Vegetable Medley
  • Easy Quinoa Sun Dried Tomato Florentine
  • Falafel with Quinoa & Roasted Garlic
  • Flax seed
  • Goji Berry Powder
  • Hemp seed
  • Lentil Trio
  • Maca Powder
  • Nut Flour Blend
  • Quinoa
  • Quinoa Fusilli
  • Quinoa Penne
  • Red Quinoa

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