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Your guide to a healthy, home-cooked Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take a moment and appreciate your significant other. For most people, this means going out the night before and picking up chocolates and flowers. This year, instead of falling back on cliches, show your partner how much you love them by cooking healthy food you can both enjoy all day long! Not only can you show that you care for their healthy, but it will be evident that you actually put thought into your Valentine’s Day this year, not to mention it gives you a chance to show off your stellar cooking skills! Not sure what to whip up for the special day? You’re in luck! We’ve created a guide for an entire day of healthy Valentine’s Day meals! Enjoy!


Breakfast in bed has been a timeless tradition for couples around the world for decades!

This year, try out these grain-free protein waffles with raspberry chia jam! With the right waffle iron, you can even make them heart shaped!


Get away from boring green salads with this colorful Red Quinoa Salad with Beets and Radicchio! It’s almost too pretty to eat! This lunch is light but still satisfying, leaving room for that hearty Valentine’s Day dinner.


For a romantic treat, give these Chocolate Chia Covered Strawberries a try! Chocolate Covered Strawberries are a beloved Valentine’s Day staple, and adding chia seeds is a healthy twist that you can’t help but love! Opt for dark chocolate to make them even more nutritious!


Welcome to the main event! This Veggie Quinoa Sushi is sure to impress your partner and your taste buds. These may look intimidating to make, but they are actually pretty easy. Trust us, your significant other will be talking about this dinner for months!


Finish off the night with this Decadent Dark Chocolate Chia Pudding! This recipe will only take 5 minutes to prep, but give yourself at least 4 hours for the chia seeds to absorb the surrounding liquid. It’s a light and delicious dessert that will satisfy without feeling heavy! Add any red fruit you desire for a Valentine’s Day themed treat!

Give these recipes a try for a truly memorable Valentine’s Day! You can’t go wrong with any of these healthy options!

Happy Valentine’s Day

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